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Brilliant Minds | Another Brother


One of our biggest strengths have always been delivering content blazingly fast. We’ve done it during our time with vloggers and we’ve done it with Gumball 3000. So when Brilliant Minds needed 7 social videos from event spanning over 2 days, that was not an issue. We filmed Usher teaching yoga and the world’s most creative geniuses doing funparks in the middle of the night. Everybody was super happy with the production and we look forward to Brilliant Minds the upcoming years.

Brilliant Yoga with Usher

During Brilliant Minds 2018, Usher held an exclusive Yoga Class for participants. Another Brother captured the video for social media.

Brilliant Minds at Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund is the pride and joy of Stockholm. The fun park is open at daytime, but at Brilliant Minds the guests got the opportunity to have an afterparty in the middle of the night with no lines and no troubles.