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Mobilebet | Another Brother



Mobilebet contacted us in the summer of 2017, asking to rework their whole brand identity. They had just run an unsuccessful concept featuring ”humoristic” crash test dummies which the target audience could neither connect to, nor found funny. The concept had been introduced by a traditional advertising agency and had been both expensive to produce and not held the quality expected when pitched.

Our clients at Mobilebet knew about Another Brother from our work with Betsafe, and asked us to take Mobilebet back to the brand identity they had in mind when they started, a more modern, cool and mobile experience. We presented Mobilebet’s own world, a Gotham-inspired, action packed setting featuring drifting Lamborghinis, exclusive Casino tables and the MMA Star ”The Mauler”. 

In order to create this world, we build a complete car drifting set from containers, wrapped a Lamborghini Gallardo to Mobilebet green, built a green neon light ”M” and built a complete casino setting. We released the campaign in both Sweden and Norway in October ´17, and tests done by NEPA concluded that the campaign was a success compared to the previous concept.

In 2018 we faced another challenge; Mobilebet had troubles standing out from the crowd of betting brands. Audiences rated their mobile platform high, but in advertising Mobilebet had troubles with sender recall, meaning that viewer had troubles recognizing Mobilebet’s brand without logos and names present in the ad.

Mobilebet’s communication was lacking their most important strength; the mobile phone. So, instead of trying to add things to the live, ”real world” material, we started designing an animated world which featured the phone and interface of Mobilebet to a whole new level. Taking a lot of inspiration from phone advertisements and the world we created in 2017, we and our friends at Goodmotion created the new look for Mobilebet’s animated world, connected it to the real world footage and released new concepts in Sweden and Norway in February, March and April of 2018.