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The Ski Week & The Yacht Week | Another Brother





Another Brother have produced videos for The Yacht Week and The Ski Week for several years, starting in 2014. We have produced trailers, teasers and a lot of social media content which have helped The Yacht Week and The Ski Week to become the brands they are today. Another Brother have also produced a system and workflow for The Yacht Week and The Ski Week which have catalogued and sorted over 10 years of footage into a tag based Media Asset Management system where anyone in The Yacht Week organization can localize specific types of footage and edits which just a few clicks, and download the footage remotely to make quick edits for social media.

Live The Yacht Week

This Yacht Week Aftermovie is one of the crazier campaigns we have been part of. Originating with the idea to speak more directly to the viewer, Another Brother produced the idea, script and final product with almost ten years of footage.

When the video was released, it quickly accumulated over 5 million views, 20k comments and almost 10k shares with people hyping each other to book the trip next year. The Yacht Week experienced a website traffic record for 4 consecutive days and all of the tickets were sold out in within the week, 9 months before the first yacht would leave he dock.

Content production at it’s best.

The Yacht Week vs The Ski Week

This Yacht Week / Ski Week production shows how two polarizing elements like snow and water can bring out the same action filled events. This is one of the many video productions Another Brother has made for The Yacht Week and The Ski Week.